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Nordic Larp Talks 2013

Watch my talk here:

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Nordic Larp Talks 2013


A Live again…

After some hiatus, I have decided to reanimate this blog – and my larping activities. Last year was very much dedicated to moving part-time to East Africa and “commuting” to Europe and back. This is still the situation, but after missing quite some events last year I’ve decided to make the most out of this year in terms of larping.

I started the with the incredible, breath-taking, exciting Monitor Celestra. What a larp! I can’t remember being so excited and so much affected in terms of bleed as by this game. It was really one of the best larps I’ve ever played.

Next larp up is Panopticorp, but before that: Knutepunkt! This year, I will do a short presentation on the “It’s Full of Larps” idea which we already played two times and will be playing more often (separate entry to follow… shortly 😉

Even more exciting: after some whining and being on the knocker, I have gotten the chance to contribute to Nordic Larp Talks! I am very excited about this and I hope I can keep up to the standard.

For me, personally the most important decision: I have decided to start my “professional” larper career.

This year, we have the opportunity to train some people in larp as a training method (train the trainer). I will also work on a concept for peace & conflict trainings using larp. I am really excited about this and the way things are currently shaping up it may well work out in one way or the other.

Let’s see what happens next…


My Knudepunkt-Rant Reloaded

So here I sit at my pc (which is a mac) and can’t attend KP this year. Worse than that, I’m reading all the posts of nice people on FB and pommesgabel.com and really getting an idea of what I’m missing. Really?

Well, to be honest, I’m feeling slightly lonely and stupid for not being there, but unfortunately 98% of the content I’m reading is about food, alcohol and other fun. Which is all very nice, but WTF? Is this really why we’re going to KP? Is it a big party trip, the Ballermann 6 of the LARP scene just with worse weather and more sauna instead of beaches? I know networking, partying, getting laid, all the good things that happen at such occasions.

And where’s the posts about that other intoxication? I want to be jealous because you had THE most important insight in larp history. I want to hate my job for not being at THE most intriguing mini-larp experience. I want to be angry because I missed THE best Claus Raasted presentation EVVAH.

Instead I’m going: Oh, just another week of drinking and hang-overs I’m missing. And then “seen and being seen”, right I’m not there. But so is Syksy, so I must be really important now.

Adapting Audrey Hepburn: “If you want to be the center of a party you just have to stay away from it.”

Or maybe: “I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.”


Three Books from the Danish Kings

So here they are. AFAIK, for the first time first as a PDF and then in hardcopy version. Think – Do – Talk Larp, managing the impossible split between theory, documentation and rants by – hold your breath – splitting them in three.

I haven’t read much yet, but I’ll be reading them up as fast as I can, I can promise you that. And just if you’re interested, there is a small rant in Talk Larp from me…

Temporary KP-Books Website


Good intentions

When I started this blog, I intended to write something every day. At least every week should be doable, right? Well, here I went for 10 days straight without anything new from Yours Truly. But then again, I stopped smoking more than two months ago, isn’t that enough?

I think there’s only a certain amount of willpower in each of us. Although the exact “level” might be different, when it’s depleted, you need to replenish your storage before you can us it again. This may sound strange, but doing something opposite to your intentions may be exactly the thing that does that. Counterproductive as it sounds, I think it is not.

I’ve heard from a friend who is not known for her indiscipline. But still, when she was just one week ago from one of her exams she just couldn’t take it anymore and stayed in bed for a whole day. Or someone else, who just had to watch TV for a few nights while only days away from an important presentation.

Anyway, I think I’ll be posting again now, more regularly than before, probably still not every day, but who knows? And even more important: who cares?


FRED is ours!

We just won the award for best Edularp 2010 for “The Living Dead” Thanks a lot!


Financial crisis hit the larp sector

“Copper is not made of copper anymore” insider Andrė W. was quoted today at Mittelpunkt.


Week-In Leaks Uncovered

Today we will be witness to scandalous scenes in the Neptunbad

More of MittelPunkt tomorrow, when we’ll be playing an Mini-Edularp (or is it Edu-Minilarp?) on HIV Awareness.


Greetings to my Israeli friends